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Our Experience

CMS has supported groups and organisations to raise investment from the community and lenders (banks, social lenders) for over a decade. Whether you want to take over/develop an asset, purchase a business as a going concern and/or take over a service, you will need to research and establish viability, develop a business plan and financial forecasts based on fully evidenced income and costs, opt for an appropriate legal and financial structure, develop new skills, knowledge and relationships.

We can support you through the process ensuring that a credible case is put to investors and that the group is investment ready. In the last 3 years, we have helped social enterprises and co-operatives to raise more than £8m, two thirds of which has been in community shares.

CMS is recognised as an expert in the use of Co-operative and Community Benefit Society legal forms which allow communities to raise money through community share issues. We have supported communities to raise investment to take over local pubs, shops, and install community renewable schemes: solar, hydro and wind.

Examples of our work can be found in Case Studies.

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