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Administrative systems and procedures

CMS can provide training and assistance in developing and maintaining your very own back office systems and procedures with telephone support when needed. 

Examples of back-office tasks we help you develop include:

  • Premises/administration and rent accounting
  • IT
  • E-commerce, software that processes company information (e.g. databases)
  • Finance services
  • Payroll services
  • Purchasing
  • And many more


This will help you organisation to achieve:

  • Improved or wider range of services
  • Access to a higher level of expertise and to the latest technology,
  • Greater confidence in quality of service
  • Increased business continuity
  • Potential savings
  • Cost savings through economies of scale, releasing more money for frontline work
  • Greater bargaining power with suppliers when buying in bulk
  • Leaner workforce
  • Staff who used to multi-task on areas where they felt they lacked suitable skills can concentrate on more specialist work.
  • More productive use of management time
  • Networking benefits which will either improve back office efficiency or the effectiveness of charitable activities.
  • Opportunity to make profit which can be re-invested

Please see below a list of just some of our clients and partners who we have provided back office services to:-

The Cooperative Enterprise Hub – National programme

Chamber of Commerce – ISUS – regional programme

Egremont Rugby Union Football Club – local client


Please get in touch for a free no obligation consultation if you feel we can be of assistance to your organisation.



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