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Renewable Energy Co-operatives

Renewable Energy Co-operatives are increasing in number with over 30 having registered since 2008. The co-operative form allows communities to get together and source investment for the renewable scheme. Many of the renewable energy co-operatives are Industrial and Provident Societies and have used community investment (community shares) to raise the capital required. Some have combined this method with loans and grants.

Renewable Energy Co-operatives have developed photovoltaic (solar PV), wind and water schemes raising several hundred thousand pounds. The driver is often an initiative group which seeks out relevant opportunities and then gathers support from the wider community. Technical advice may well be required for planning, the type of equipment and the return to the community (which may be a combination of electricity sales and Government incentives).

Co-operative and Mutual Solutions has assisted a number of renewable energy co-operatives in all the above categories (PV solar, wind and water). These include: South Staffordshire Community Energy, Community Energy Warwickshire, Whalley Renewables, Balerno Village Trust.

We can help with the following:

  • Support to the renewable energy group during the process
  • Addressing public meetings and running workshops
  • Assistance with business and financial planning
  • Assistance with drafting the share offer document
  • Registration of the Industrial and Provident Society (Co-operative or Bencom)


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